Are you struggling with the fundamentals of your novel and your writing?

This is the place where you can learn how to make your scenes snap, your characters' emotions resonate, and fine tune your voice in a scene! You've got this, writer!

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Hi, I’m Carrie Jones!

I'm a NYT-bestselling and internationally bestselling, award-winning novelist, editor and writing coach.

And...I'm a little quirky. I live on an island on the coast of Maine (U.S.A.) and I'm passionate about my rescue dogs and helping people share their stories.

You should be able to tell the stories that might change the world and your world. Your voice matters. The world needs your stories now more than ever.

Come on this journey with me as we make ourselves the best writers we can be by making the best stories and literary lives that we can.

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Cathy Carr, author of 365 DAYS TO ALASKA

One of the things I enjoyed the most about working with Carrie is that she helped me write the book I wanted to write, not the book she would have preferred I write, or the book she would written in my place. She was vested in helping me express my vision as a writer and as a human being."

One special thing about Carrie as a writing coach and teacher is her understanding of writing psychology. She's well familiar with the pits of uncertainty and the swamps of despondency a writer can step into, and seems to know just the right thing to say to get the struggling person going again, from gentle encouragement to straight-ahead course correction to even the occasional kick in the pants.

Jason Gallaher, author of WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE

Carrie is the writing coach I always dreamed of having. She has such a great balance in her feedback between singing your praises at what is working and giving you honest criticism at what still needs development. Carrie goes above and beyond in her editorial letters, giving very clear and detailed feedback, and her eagerness to answer any questions makes the whole experience of critique—which can be a very vulnerable experience—make you feel like you're with a trusted friend that you've known for years (even though you just met).


Lauren Haynes
Lauren Haynes
It is a blessing Carrie is willing to share her insights and talents with others, because she is a powerhouse of a coach who pushes you to be the best writer you can be. There were times where I was so frustrated with my novel I felt like quitting, and Carrie pulled me from the bog of eternal revisions and dead-ends into a place of hope. She invigorated me to write and write better. Carrie inspired my growth as a writer and a person. She showed me it’s okay (actually, it’s great) to embrace my quirkiness. She tore down walls I didn’t know I had built and gave me the foundation to be a confident writer with direction.

Lauren is photo shy, so this is a picture of me and Em.

Hey! It's Me, Carrie Jones.

This is a quick video to explain the course a bit more. I do not wear make-up and my voice is a bit quirky. Luckily, to be a writer and a scene expert, you don't need to wear make-up or have a normal voice.

What you do need is some simple tools and knowledge.